What is LASIK?

Today, there are a wide variety of refractive eye procedures used to improve vision. LASIK, or laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is a popular refractive outpatient procedure used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It is designed to reshape the cornea (the clear, round dome at the front of the eye) so that it can properly focus light rays onto the retina at the back of the eye. Many patients achieve clearer vision with less dependence on glasses and contacts.

The whole procedure generally takes less than 20 minutes to perform and is followed by a rapid, natural healing process. Many patients notice an improvement in their vision as soon as their procedure is over and continue to see it improve over the short recovery period.


What is iLASIK with the IntraLase® System?

In traditional LASIK surgery, the first step involves using a small blade to uncover the part of the cornea in need of treatment. Today, a more advanced, more precise ALL-LASER method exists called iLASIK in which the surgeon performs this first step using a computer-controlled IntraLase® femtosecond laser.

Grossnickle Eye Center performs iLASIK with IntraLase because of the various benefits it offers our patients:

  • MORE safety and predictability than ever before
  • MORE patients achieve 20/20 vision or better with IntraLase
  • MORE people may be candidates for laser vision correction thanks to iLASIK’s enhanced precision
  • MORE accuracy – Clinical studies reveal the computer-guided laser to be as much as 100 times more accurate than traditional methods.

Your doctors and staff at Grossnickle Eye Center are devoted to providing the highest standard of patient care. We have invested in this technology to maintain that level of commitment to you. You can now have more confidence in your decision to undergo laser vision correction and achieve less dependence on glasses and contacts.

What if I am not a candidate for LASIK?

Whether LASIK or another refractive procedure is best for you, our focus is always on safety, customized treatment plans, and excellent results. Our doctors and staff develop a personalized recommendation based on your individual needs and lifestyle. Just call to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations.

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