Laser Cataract Surgery with LenSx

If your vision is clouded by cataracts, you may actually be losing the ability to see the very things, places and people that make life enjoyable. Fortunately, cataract surgery can help you regain what you’ve lost, both in terms of your vision and quality of life.

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Vision with cataracts has been described as seeing life through an old, cloudy film. But a cataract is not a “film” over the eyes. It cannot be prevented and it will not go away without surgery. During surgery, the old, clouded lens is removed and is replaced with a new, artificial lens to restore your vision. This replacement lens, in most cases, will last the rest of your life. Through the advancement of technology, you now have the option to choose the type of lens implant you wish to receive during your cataract surgery.

Traditionally, the surgeon would perform cataract surgery by making a tiny incision in the eye and then using an instrument about the size of a pen tip to remove the cataract. Now, Grossnickle Eye Center offers patients the option of choosing to have their procedure using LenSx®, a bladeless, computer-controlled cataract laser that performs several of the most critical steps with an image-guided femtosecond laser – one of the most advanced devices of its kind.

The LenSx® laser uses a high-repetition rate femtosecond laser source to make the surgical incisions and to break apart the old, cloudy lens which is replaced by a new lens. Performing surgery with LenSx® is considered a precise and accurate procedure that can literally change your life and ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy the things that matter the most for years to come. You can move forward and enjoy your new vision with confidence that you’ve chosen the most advanced technology available.

When you see one of our surgeons for an evaluation of your cataract, they will discuss many aspects of your eye health. Your surgeon will recommend a mode of cataract surgery and replacement lens based on your general health and lifestyle preferences.